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"When I started B&B I knew that was the kind of the company I wanted to build.  I wanted to form a team of professionals who were highly-skilled and specialized in their area- the ones who excel in the niche spaces. I knew that there would always be big companies who have a laundry list of capabilities, but my goal is that when our customers have a crisis, a tough challenge, even a new idea, it’s our team they want in the room with them working through that process. As we grow it is always my focus on maintaining that vision. While increasing our corporate capabilities and adding new team members is a priority, our roots are firmly planted in the desire to provide trusted advisor, highly specialized, subject-matter expertise for our clients."

-Cassie Beamer, Founder and CEO
Cassie Beamer - Founder
Cassie Beamer, founder and owner of B&B Consulting Enterprises, Inc., has over twenty years of experience in federal government program management and aviation security industry stakeholder coordination and outreach. In 2002, she was employed by the Federal Aviation Administration and subsequently joined the Transportation Security Administration upon its inception in 2003.
In 2005, she joined Leigh Fisher Associates to build the firm’s security practice. While at Leigh Fisher, she worked closely with the TSA and focused on strategic planning, industry outreach, development of funding and financing strategies for security technology projects. 
Cassie departed Leigh Fisher in 2013 and started B&B Consulting Enterprises, Inc. in 2015. Her experience provides clients with a broad understanding of industry stakeholders and effective communication strategies.
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